Tri-K Barrel Races, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any entry.  By entering, contestants and parents/legal guardians agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth for the event. 

By entering this event you agree to the following waiver, rules and information:

Pursuant to the Okla. Livestock Activities Liability Limitation Act (Title 76 Okla.Statutes 50.1-15.4), I will not hold Tri-K Barrel Race, the facility owner, co-sanctioning organizations,  event staff or sponsors responsible for any damage or injury to myself, my family, my equipment, or any of my livestock while driving to/from, or participating at this event. I further certify that I have available at the request of event management, a current NEGATIVE EIA TEST CHART (and Health Certificate for out of state horse) on each animal I have on the event grounds. I understand that if State and Local Authorities require presentation of said test chart/certificate at this event and I cannot present a NEGATIVE EIA TEST CHART or HEALTH CERTIFICATE per any one (1) animal, I will be responsible for any fines personally, and will be responsible for reimbursement of any fines to the event producer. I have also read and understand all event information, conditions and rules as posted on event webpage at and per


Online pre entries can be made on  You must pay entries online either by credit card (4.0% fee) or electronic check (no extra fee) to be in the pre draw. Keep in mind when entering online check information, you will need a driver’s license and a check number with at least 4 digits. The ACH system sometimes has glitches, please double check with your bank approximately 5 days after the transaction to make sure it comes out of your account. 


Walk Up Entries - Cash or Credit Card day of show.  Must be entered and paid by the daily schedule cut off (see show schedule). After cutoff we will start deleting unpaid entries.  NOTE: WE NO LONGER CAN TAKE AMERICAN EXPRESS.


Refunds:  MUST BE REQUESTED NO LATER THAN ONE HOUR BEFORE RACE STARTS WITH DR OR VET RELEASE, and subject to approval by show management.  Office Charges per entry will be retained.  Stalls are non-refundable.  Entries via credit card will not be refunded convenience/service fees charged by online and/or credit services.


Co-Sanction Approvals:  BBR, WPRA, PBRIP, AQHA/OQHA, Barrel Race World Finals, Central 4D, NBHA OK 09, pending at press time.  Not all co-sanctions will be approved for each day of a race. It is the contestant’s responsibility to check association schedules for confirmation of approval prior to hauling.  


Pre draw closes SUN 11:59 pm before event and pre-draw will be posted by no later than Wednesday prior to the event on SGP. SGP closes late entries online automatically when the race begins.


Draw Order: You must compete on the horse in IT’S DRAWN ORDER. If you are competing on more than one horse, there will be no swapping of draw positions. Missed Run: If a contestant misses their run it will result in an automatic No Time. There will be no option to run at a later time. 

Registered Horse Names: All registered horses entered must run under their official breed association registered names.  Grade horses are also allowed to run. Riders with multiple entries must ride each horse in the draw position in which they draw up. Failure to run horse in correct draw spot will result in in DQ. Horses cannot switch draw positions.


Electric Eye: If the electric eye fails during a rider's run the barrel racer has the choice of a re-run, or a refund. It is up to the contestant to contact office staff and make it clear as to if they will take the re-run (at the end of the race or group of 50) or receive a refund. If a barrel is knocked down during a run in which the timer fails, or any other penalties occur, all penalties will be carried forward. Thus, no option of a re-run, and no refund will be given. Show management decision is final.


Tie Breakers: In the event of a tie for an individual race, the prize money for both places (the one the contestants tied for and the next place) will be split evenly. If there are prizes, we will go back to the fastest time run of the weekend for the tie breaker (same horse/rider combo). If there is still a tie, a coin toss among tied contestants will take place. If none are present show management will flip coin in your place and winner announced.


No Times/Disqualifications (DQ): A no time/DQ will be given to a contestant for the following reasons:

1.  Failure to start the pattern within 60 seconds of the contestant’s name being called. A three-       call rule will be enforced.

2.  Running a horse in a different draw position, swapping horses registered names in run                order, or purposefully withholding a registered horse’s official name.

3.  If you miss your run or run out of turn.

4.  Knocking over a barrel.

5.  If you break or miss the pattern.  Must keep in forward motion.

6.  Not being in dress code.

7.  The horse falls.

8.  Running the incorrect division, based on age.  Check your entries on SGP to make sure you       are entered where expected.  Notify office of any corrections prior to start of race.

9.  Circling inside the arena, after passing through the mouth of the alley.

10. Please help us keep the ground fair for all contestants. Absolutely no extra circling of                  barrels.  No training during competition runs.

11. If the pattern is broken, the rider needs to complete the pattern, in a timely manner, or exit         the arena immediately. Failure to comply will result in a $50 fine and must be paid before the       contestant’s next run.

12. Failure to pay outstanding balances at show prior to run or cut off time (entries, RV, stalls,          shavings, etc.

13. Cursing and/or being rude to show staff.  Show management will make final decision.


AQHA:  All AQHA entries (no matter the division selected) will run in one big draw.  AQHA time will carry over to Open if entered, you will not make a second run.  AQHA books close one hour prior to race.  AQHA Exhibitors must provide the following (please check membership expiration dates prior to sending) bring to show or text to 405-808-1976:    





AQHA entries must be checked in at office before barrel race begins to pick up AQHA blanket number! AQHA Sidepot will be paid on entire AQHA draw order, not by division.  AQHA Barrel Sidepot will be paid out as a 5D (1/2 second splits).  AQHA are recommended to file an AQHA Medical Report Form if you are administering any medications to your horse.  Events are subject to random drug testing by AQHA.  We NEVER know when they will send a testing agent, and we have had testing agents at many of our shows in the past.  AQHA DRESS CODE REQUIRED FOR ALL AQHA CLASSES – NO EXCEPTIONS. 


PBRIP Entries:  $10 of entry goes to APHA per program requirements.  Exhibitors must be current members of APHA; and horses must be nominated in the PBRIP program.


Junior Open Class: Open to any Junior rider on any horse. 14 & under.  Can carry time over to AQHA and Open classes with extra fees.

Beginner Class:  This class is for TRUE BEGINNERS ONLY.  14 & Under exhibitors on ponies, trotters, lopers and/or leadline.  Entries will be allowed to stay in Beginners until they run a time equivalent to placing in the Open 5D twice, or if sufficient evidence is presented to show management to “Graduate” Beginner to Junior Open class.  Show Management will issue final decision.  Ability based on rider not the horse. 5D is based on full second splits.  Child is ineligible to enter the Open jackpot class if entered in Beginners (no matter the horse they are riding) but may enter AQHA Youth for points only if youth is a current AQHA member, and horse is registered and owned by immediate family, or a lease is on file with AQHA.


Exhibitions:  Exhibitions will be $5 ea. and sold on site, first come first serve day of race. No online entries. They will be scheduled in 30-minute increments.  You have a better chance of getting an exhibition if you come early.  Late 30-minute sections sell out first.    No refunds or credits for no shows. 


Dog Barrel Race:  Typically offered at Saturday and Sunday races only, and held immediately following Beginner/Junior Classes.  Can send, lead, or carry dog.  Please keep the well being of your dog a priority.  Barrels well be set close.  Any age exhibitor.  Straight jackpot/limited to 20 entries.


Dress Code:  Long sleeve/collared/button up shirts or Tri-K Official T's and Hoodies

Boots or Heels Down Shoes


1.    Friday Night Warm Up Races - no dress code

2.    Saturday and Sunday Race - dress code enforced

3. AQHA must always wear AQHA Dress Code for any co-sanctioned race – no exceptions


RV: Reservations are first come first served.  Tri-K recommends you reserve with online entry on SGP when available.  Most facilities are 30 amp. Please notify if you need 50 amp and we will do our best to get you taken care of, but no guarantee.


Barns and Stalls: Per Facility/Insurance requirements no horses are to be tied out or in self pens overnight.  If a contestant has a stallion, please let the stall office know by typing stallion in text box on the stall reservation, so they can do their best to accommodate the horse (same applies with kicking mares/buddy horses etc.).  Most facilities will have enough stalls available.  We do need reservations in advance for some locations as we must pay for what is set up.  Please RSVP for stalls!!  We will only set up a few extras if that is the case.  See event page for specifics.


Shavings:  Bags are sold at market price per event.  Please check event page on website regarding pricing/orders.  Most facilities require a 2-bag minimum per stall, no pellets or straw.  Only wood shavings.  Unless noted otherwise on event page, you may bring your own shavings.


Coggins & Health Certificates: Contestants must be prepared to show a current negative Coggins Test for all of their horses on premises, and provide up to date Health papers, according to the state’s laws the competition is in.  This is the contestant’s responsibility to have the proper paperwork.


Abusive behavior or neglect of an animal will not be tolerated. Abuse or neglect of an animal will be determined by the show management, and all decisions by the show management are FINAL. The minimum fine for abuse or neglect will be $500, and you may be asked to leave the race immediately. No electronic training devices are allowed for any reason. If you are asked to leave, due to the abuse or neglect of an animal or for the use of an electronic device, all winnings and entry fees will be forfeited, and fines must be paid before you may enter another event

Dangerous Animals: If show management deems an animal dangerous to the owner, other individuals, other animals, or the property, show management reserves the right to ask the contestant to remove the animal from the race premises immediately. If you are asked to remove a horse or asked to leave, it will count as an automatic disqualification for the horse and/or contestant, and the contestant’s entry fees and winnings will be forfeited. All decisions by the show management are FINAL.


Payout/Check Processing: $1 per run goes to SGP online system, $1 per run goes to Bonus Race Finals (paid out 100% at the BRWF) or Tri-K Awards Fund.  The remaining entry fee is paid out 75% payback. 1x office fee per rider/per event weekend is required for all riders (fee varies depending on facility/show). RIDER must have a current year W9 on file with their social security number to receive payout. We will make every effort to have the payout checks ready for pick-up 30 minutes after the last contestant runs each day. Checks that are not picked up will be mailed to the address provided on your W9 form on file.

IMPORTANT:  Checks must be cashed within 90 days. We will no longer re-issue checks without a re-issue fee of $40. Checks not cashed 90 days after issue date or checks that aren’t picked up (due to W9 not being turned in) will be void after 90 days and monies put back into the Tri-K Awards Fund. PLEASE make sure you have a current W9 on file.


BBR rules apply for anything not addressed in this document or on website pertaining to an event.