All pre-draws are processed and posted via Fastenter.com.  Click on the link below for updated draws:

On site draws are updated with late entries, and physically posted at shows, 30 minutes before class begins on-site.  

At weekend events, the Fastenter draw will be updated nightly to included late entries for the following day.


We will update results on Fastenter.com nightly as quickly as we can after event is over, if we have adequate internet service to do so.  Otherwise, we will post at our earliest opportunity.  Click on the link below for updated results:
FastEnter.com - Making entries quick and easy!


Please be sure to leave us a current year W9 so that your checks can be mailed out quickly.  We will not mail them without a W9 on file!  Please see fillable form on W9 page above that you can submit as noted.  We will have blank copies at the races as long as supplies are available.

We will run checks for Open classes as soon as results are verified.  

Sidepots will not be run until the following day, just in case we miss anyone in the entry process (it happens! We are human). If you enter online it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to verify your sidepot entries.  If you mark them wrong online or on on-site entry forms THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  If you notify us of a clarification prior to your associated run, we will fix it.   If event is on Sunday, Sidepot checks will be mailed.